I first encountered Hillery’s work at a craft fair in San Francisco, just a few months before the pandemic pause. Her knitted blankets were covered with images reminiscent of childhood —dreamlike shapes, enigmatic creatures, folkloric scenes. Each blanket felt like a story of its own.

A year and half later, this whimsical world by Hillery Sproatt has been translated onto the surface of two Hugomats —our very first print collection. We could not be more overjoyed!

Our project began with the suggestion of ‘little pieces’ such as stones, water droplets, flower petals, fingers and toes —the little pieces that capture the attention of young children. The rolling of them, throwing, collecting them in a pile or in memory. We hope that Hillery’s colorful brushstrokes will captivate your children, as they roll, play and practice tummy-time on their very own painted Hugomat. 

To learn more about Hillery’s background and the inspiration behind her work, read her interview on VoyageLA and view her works on paper at Hillery Sproatt.

Little girl in green dress, dancing on top of a portable cushioned baby mat with the sun shining in.
Written by Eugenia Yu

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