We’ve made it. It’s been a challenging year, full of uncertainty, doubt and fear —but not without courage and joy.

This year, we welcomed our second baby into the world. Meet Hugo’s little brother, Arthur! Nurturing two little ones and a small business at home has been quite the test. After failing repeatedly, and getting up repeatedly, I think I’ve gotten the hang of chaos. Forget work-from-home —it’s more like work-from-PHONE! Feeding a baby in one arm, and typing away with the other. It is how Hugomat came to be. Because motherhood is multitasking every second of everyday, and your hands are never free. What a wonderfully chaotic state to be in.

This year, I feel especially grateful to be reminded that family comes first. Whatever pains of the day, if I can look at this face before I close my eyes at night, all is well. What a gift of strength family can be. And I can’t wait to use my new little bit of strength for Hugomat in 2021.

It’s going to be WILD and BEAUTIFUL! There will be organic and recycled cotton, there will be prints, collaborations, giveaways, new products..and I do hope that you’ll join us for the ride.

But before 2020 officially ends in California, I just want to thank you for staying tuned, and for supporting us during this tumultuous year.
Cheers to FAMILY —and to a brand new year!

— Eugenia, founder of Hugomat

Written by Eugenia Yu

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