When our first son, Hugo, was three months old, I made him a Hugomat. He used this mat so much —for tummytime, for playtime, for naptime, for diaper changes. And in so many places —in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom, on the porch, at the park…It was everything we were looking for in a mat, and then some! It was the perfect amount of softness and firmness, it could be folded and moved from room to room with one hand, it was slim enough to fit under the sofa and kept a clean surface ready for any moment, it had a pocket to hold a few toys or wipes to bring along, it was machine-washable, all natural, and looked so good. I had to share it.

Many prototypes later, we took one on the road, driving from New York to California with an 8 month old baby, 2 cats, and 1 dog. It proved to be quite the adventure, and the Hugomat proved to be the best baby aid I have ever encountered! It was truly the only device beyond our car seat, that I needed for Hugo in his whole first year of life.

This project of sharing Hugomat with others is a slow and steady kind of project. Every Hugomat is made with great care, in California, from high quality, natural materials. Everyday, I wake up wanting to better this mat and our little company. And as it turns out, there is always BETTER. We can always be more earth-friendly, give more back, be more mindful of our words and our actions. While building this brand, we’ve learned that it is actually building us. Our hearts are deep in this.

With every mat that leaves our studio, and every review we receive, we feel stronger than ever that there is a place for the unassuming, the practical, the heirloom-quality baby mat that we loved and used so much.

We hope that you’ll join us for the long ride.
With gratitude,
Eugenia, John, Hugo, Arthur & Rui