33 inch x 1 inch

Classic Cover :
top quilted fabric,
100% Cotton
bottom canvas fabric,
100% Cotton Canvas

Cushions :
100% Certified Natural Latex Foam

Natural Latex Foam is made from the sap of rubber trees. Naturally breathable, it resists mold, mildew and dust.

Your Hugomat will include a removable, machine washable quilted cover, one set of natural latex foam inserts, and for a limited time *gifted with every order are a set of removable, waterproof insert covers ($30 value) for an extra layer of protection against leaks or spills. The waterproof bamboo jacquard fabric is slightly padded, adding a little extra plush to every mat. All together, it’s heavenly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

My baby is obsessed with this mat! She spends her day doing tummy time and sleeping on it. I also love how we can bring it to each room in our apartment, so we aren't tied to staying in one place.

Mari Wagamon

We absolutely love our mat! It’s the perfect color and we lay our boy on here daily for tummy time and just hanging out!

Britt Havens

We love this mat! Perfect for tummy time and I love how it folds up and stores under our couch!

Deanna Vu

Absolutely adore this Mat in Terra! It blends in so well with our decor and babe just loves being on it during tummy time + for naps! A top item for the gift registry for sure.

Nancy Nguyen

I’ve been using our mat everyday since we got it for tummy time with my baby girl. I love how it folds up to be stored away, there are handles to easily move it room to room, and it’s so soft and comfy. A must have!!