33 inch x 1 inch

Classic Cover :
top quilted fabric,
100% Cotton
bottom canvas fabric,
100% Cotton Canvas

Cushions :
100% Certified Natural Latex Foam

Natural Latex Foam is made from the sap of rubber trees. Naturally breathable, it resists mold, mildew and dust.

Your Hugomat will include a removable, machine washable quilted cover, one set of natural latex foam inserts, and for a limited time *gifted with every order are a set of removable, waterproof insert covers ($30 value) for an extra layer of protection against leaks or spills. The waterproof bamboo jacquard fabric is slightly padded, adding a little extra plush to every mat. All together, it’s heavenly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jameena McMillan

We love our Hugomat! Especially now that baby is 6 months and learning to sit up on her own. Would definitely recommend.

Belinda C. Lee

This is the most beautiful play mat we have, we love how thick the pad is and only wish we got it earlier in my daughter play time! It's so useful for all stages of babyhood up toddlerhood!

Bruna Tenorio

I am a huge fan of this play mat. It’s not only beautiful, but practical and easy to travel around.
My little son spends a lot of fun time on it!

Acacia Mayo

We’ve had our mat for a few years now and absolutely love it! It’s durable, well-made and so comfortable. I bring it to every room that the kids and I are in. My babies have loved it, as they do tummy time or will just rest and cuddle on it as they watch their older siblings. I have hardwood floors everywhere, and the Hugomat ensures a very soft and well padded space for babes. I also will carry it outside on the porch and nurse. It’s a wonderful (and well used) accessory, that we totally recommend!


Not only beautiful and functional I love that this mat is non toxic. The padding is thick and the fabric is easy to clean. We love it!