Hi! My name is Eugenia. I am interested in making things of all sorts. One of them is something for sale, our portable, cushioned baby mat. The rest are stories, recipes, playlists, travel itineraries, photos of daily life. 

I'm going to overshare—
all the things I love.

There might be lots of typos because I've decided to replace the immense time it takes for perfection, for the serendipity of winging it. I've learned from motherhood to give us all a break. To have more fun! Color outside the lines! And to pack the lunches the night before! 

I am a mother of 3 young sons, all under age 5. I like to listen much more than I like to talk, contrary to this email list. Doing more than one thing at once makes me anxious and irritable. This does not mix well with having children.

My heritage is Taiwanese, and I was born in New Jersey almost 4 decades ago. For the first decade of my life, I enjoyed reading under a blanket, watching Nickolodeon, and pleasing my parents, which still brings me joy.  A shocking and unremarkable turn of events.

Sometime early on, I discovered that my natural rhythm was: making something, then thinking about making something, then making something. I went to school for fashion design so that I could learn how to sew and make strange garments. I did for a while, and found work with a yarn company, and a Japanese fine artist. Down the line I studied Architecture, which made me feel most connected to people, to the long history of being human. To humanity. 

Having a baby with the person whom I feel most comfortable with at any given time, in any state of distress or glee, was possibly, no words to describe. I made a baby mat that was padded, which had soft handles and a pocket so that I could bring it everywhere along with my phone and baby's lovey. This is my project called Hugomat, the reason this email list was started.

However, my small business took a plunge last year, and without much else to lose, I decided to stop worrying so much about things I could not control, and to do what makes me happy again. I'd like to share all the things that I love, and notice, writings and pictures, with you whenever I have the time and inclination.  And I welcome you to reach out as well. This is an infinite-way street, most akin to a rubber band ball. Or one very awkward but sincere hug. They'll get better, as they always do. 

Written by Eugenia Yu

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