We are so excited to introduce the Hugomat ECO! A project in the works since our beginning. For the past year, we've been doing a deep dive into research and sourcing to make a Hugomat strongly focused on sustainable practices. Although our classic colors are made from natural materials such as cotton and latex foam, the cost of quilting organic cotton and maintaining a competitive retail price has been a challenge. But not one that we shy away from!

We want to use the best materials, but we also want our mats to be accessible to all families. We are ready to introduce what we hope to be the first of a long line of (more than eco-conscious) eco-forward mats, that consider the effects of our product on the earth through every movement of production. From sketch paper to shipping. It will be the sustainability benchmark from which we better all our mats, batch-by-batch.

Hugomat ECO in color Sand is available now on our website: 100% organic quilted cotton and 55% recycled hemp + 45% recycled organic cotton canvas. The canvas bottom on the ECO has varied speckles which is a natural result of the recycling process. The speckles are great at masking lint, pet hair and all the other 'bottom of mat' treasures.

2% of proceeds from the sale of ECO will be donated to a nonprofit promoting environmental sustainability. We are working on a shortlist of organizations to support and welcome your input! We hope you will go on this journey with us and help us to grow towards a better mat and a better future.

baby laying tummy down on a portable cushioned baby mat
Written by Eugenia Yu

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